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Regulations of the website
The formula of these regulations assumes the establishment of general principles and conditions for using the Website. These conditions, in the event of a decision by the recipient of the use of, govern in particular the rules for using the Website, including our liability. is owned by Deep Market Level Limited based in London (United Kingdom) at Kingston Road No. 590, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs under number 12577319, hereinafter referred to as: "DML", "Deep Market Level", "Website" , "Website", "Platform".

§1 General Provisions

effective from April 29, 2020

These Regulations set out the rules for the use by Users (Customers) of the Deep Market Level Platform, which is owned by Deep Market Level Limited based in London.
The Regulations are made available to Users free of charge via the website in a form that allows downloading, recording and printing.

§2 Definitions

Data - User's personal data provided by the User during Registration, Verification, and while using the Platform.
Account - a set of Data administered by DML and information about User's rights under the DML website.
Logging in - a process leading to the User gaining access to the Account and the Platform.
Platform - the online DML platform available at, managed and managed by DML, which is a tool where Users can use materials, content and information programs.
Regulations - these Regulations, specifying the conditions for using the Platform and access to it.
Registration - account creation procedure.
Agreement - means the agreement concluded between the User and DML at the end of Registration, the subject of which are the services provided by DML under the Account. After positive verification and acceptance of the Regulations, the User gains access to the Resources, all of which requires the payment of an appropriate fee, the amount of which is given in the description of individual Information Products on DeepMarketLevel, com.
User - (1) a natural person with full legal capacity; (2) legal entity; or (3) an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law confers legal capacity; using or intending to use the Electronic Services available on the Platform. The User must have an Account and accept the Regulations.
Product - a collection of historical numerical data made available to the User for a period consistent with the paid subscription fee or one-time fee. Individual products may contain varying amounts of historical data. Historical data made available in a drawn model, i.e. DML, provides the User with a history of data specified for a given Product.
Third party - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, without its own Account on the DML Platform.
DML Reader - an application installed on the customer's trading platform, allowing to download and visualize historical data purchased and downloaded from the Platform. The application allows you to download and visualize data in accordance with the history range indicated by the User. DML Reader only downloads data during paid access to the Platform.
Resources - materials placed on the Platform, in particular market information, programs, marketing materials, sound and video recordings., Website, Website, Platform - DML website available at


§3 General conditions for using the DML Platform

The use of the DML Platform is paid.
The Platform may be used by any User who has an Account and accepts the Regulations.
Users may not:

  • use the accounts of other Users,
  • share your Account with other Users,
  • grant access to Products to third parties.


§4 Registration

  1. In order to register, the User completes the registration form available at
  2. In the registration process, the User creates an Account.
  3. To create an Account, the User completes the following fields of the registration form: E-mail, Password, Repeat password and accept the Regulations.
  4. The email address provided by the User should be a unique address, which means that it can be used by only one User during Registration.
  5. By clicking the "Register" button, an activation link will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the registration form.
  6. To complete Registration, the User should click the activation link.
  7. After registration, an Account is created, which is identified by the email address provided by the User in the registration form.
  8. Registration is free.
  9. In the event of an incorrectly completed registration form or the receipt of an incomplete or incorrectly completed registration form, the User will not be granted the right to use the Platform.
  10. The User gains the option of using the Resources upon payment of an appropriate fee.
  11. The User having an Account during Logging in for Verification completes the form available at
  12. In the login form, the User enters an e-mail and password.
  13. DML declares that it has no password to access the User Account. In order to recover the password and access to the Account, the User must go through and use the "password recovery process" available at
  14. The User's account may be temporarily blocked, as part of the security of the entire Website, about which the user will be notified by DML by e-mail to the address provided by the User during Registration.


§5 Technical conditions for using the DML Platform

For the proper functioning of the DML Platform, the current version of one of the web browsers is required: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer. Due to technological changes, the above requirements may change. In particular, existing software may be replaced by a newer version.

§6 DML platform and responsibility

  1. All DML activities within the Platform are for information purposes. By accepting these Regulations, the User confirms that all decisions - including investment or purchasing - made on the basis of the presented content, information, tools, programs or other services as part of access to the DML Platform Resources are taken at their own risk and take full responsibility for them.
  2. Information contained in the DML Platform Resources and made available to Users in Products should not be interpreted as investment advice, investment recommendations, offers or incentives to enter into any transactions on financial instruments.
  3. We make no warranties or representations, express or implied, as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein or its fitness for a particular purpose.
  4. The information contained in the Resources of the DML Platform may not be perceived as a sale offer or invitation to submit offers to purchase any goods or financial products described on this Website. The information on this site has been obtained from reliable sources, but may not necessarily be complete and is not certain about its accuracy.
  5. DML is not responsible for Users' investment decisions made on the basis of information available in the DML Platform Resources, nor for damages incurred as a result of investment decisions taken on the basis of the content presented in the DML Platform Resources.


§7 Product sales contract

  1. The Website enables the conclusion of a Product sales contract. The types, description and prices of Products are given on the Website, primarily in the "Products" tab.
  2. Products available on the Website may be purchased by the User using the available order form available - in this case, the sales contract shall be concluded when the order form is completed and the transaction approval field is clicked.
  3. Using the order form begins when the User selects the Product.
  4. In the order form, it is necessary for the User to provide the Customer's data and sales contract data: Product (s), quantity of the Product (s), place and method of delivery of the Product (s) (if required), method of payment.
  5. In the case of Customers who are not consumers, it is also necessary to provide the company name and tax identification number.
  6. The Product price shown on the Website is given in British pounds. The User is informed about the total price of the Product being the subject of the order on the Website pages when placing the order, including when the Customer wishes to be bound by the Sales Agreement.
  7. The content of the concluded sales contract is recorded, secured and made available to the User by (1) providing these Regulations on the Website and (2) sending the Customer an e-mail after the purchase.
  8. Product delivery to the User is made by DML by making the Product available in the Account within the time limit specified in the Product description. The method and date of payment by virtue of the Product sales contract: electronic payments, payment by card, cyclical (subscription) card payments, payments by traditional transfer (available after contacting the Payment Department at
  9. Payment deadline - the payment is immediate, using an external Payment Processor (companies providing online payment services), with the proviso that in the case of cyclical payments they may be deferred or cyclically duplicated with the User's consent in the cycles, dates and amounts specified for the payment. DML uses the Payment Processor provided by Stripe.


§8 Payments

  1. The prices of the products presented on these pages are expressed in GBP (British pound). In the case of payment in a different currency, currency conversion will take place.
  2. The applicable payment methods are: bank transfer and payment card (credit / debit card).
  3. It is possible to rob the amount presented in the order after entering the appropriate rebate code.
  4. Settlements of credit card and e-transfer transactions are carried out via


§9 Complaints about the Product

  1. According to the letter of the law, a consumer who has concluded a distance contract may, within 14 calendar days, withdraw from it without giving a reason and without incurring costs, subject to the cost of commission, shipping, installation or delivery of the Product. To meet the deadline, simply send a statement to before its expiry.
  2. When submitting a Complaint, the User should describe in detail the situation in which the DML Website or Product access does not work or works in a faulty manner by sending content to the email address
  3. Considering a complaint may take up to 90 days, whereby DML declares that within its capabilities and competences, it tries to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
  4. In the case of a Product whose performance - at the request of the User - began before the deadline to withdraw from the contract, the User who exercises the right to withdraw from the contract after making such a request is obliged to pay for the services fulfilled until the withdrawal from the contract. The amount of payment is calculated in proportion to the scope of the service rendered, taking into account the price or remuneration agreed in the contract. If the price or remuneration is excessive, the basis for calculating this amount is the market value of the service provided.
  5. The User may opt out of access to the DML Platform Resources at any time and not extend the access for another period. The resignation takes place in such a way that the Customer does not pay for the next period of access to the DML Platform Resources. Cancellation does not involve additional fees. In order to unsubscribe from the product on any payment service, you must manually cancel your subscription before the end of the next billing period. If the payment service does not allow you to cancel your subscription yourself, please inform us about this decision by e-mail: sent at least 72 hours before the beginning of the next billing period (and thus charging the fee).
  6. This section of the Regulations applies only to customers who are consumers.


§10 Copyright and Trade Secret

  1. Copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Website as a whole and its individual elements, including content, graphics, works, designs and characters available within it, belong to DML or other authorized third parties and are protected by Copyright and other generally applicable provisions rights. The protection granted to the Website covers all forms of their expression.
  2. The Service Recipient has no right to copy, modify, adapt, translate or distribute the Website or Products, except as permitted by the provisions of mandatory law.
  3. DML and third party trademarks should be used in accordance with applicable law.
  4. All content presented on the DML Platform is a trade secret and may not be published or copied without the consent of DML.
  5. Violation of point 4 is associated with the possibility of DML seeking from the User or a third party, an entity using elements presented as part of the DML Platform, to pay a contractual penalty of $ 1,000,000 (in words: one million pounds).

§11 Final Provisions

  1. Amendments to the Regulations - DML reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, e.g. changes in the law in which they affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations.
  2. The amended Regulations bind the User if he has been properly notified of the changes and has not terminated the contract within 14 calendar days of the date of notification.
  3. In the event that a change in the Regulations results in the introduction of any new fees or increase in existing fees, the User who is a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract.
  4. In matters not covered by these regulations, the generally applicable law in force in the country of registration of Deep Market Level Limited shall apply.


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