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20 trading days history for SkyBlue levels - Daily S/R. Data for currency pair GBPUSD.


SkyBlue Levels – Daily Supports and Resistances – indicate the range in which the price is moving on a given day. SkyBlue levels are published daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. (GMT). 
By using artificial intelligence to study repetitive price behavior, we found that it can be used as daily support and resistance.
The maximum movements for a given day are the SkyBLueExtension levels - extreme, dashed lines - but statistically the price moves between SkyBlue levels - thicker, internal lines.
If the price at 22:00 (GMT) is outside the SkyBlueExt level range, it should return to this range during the Asian session.
Statistics say that if the price at 22:00 (GMT) is outside the SkyBlue level range, it should also return to this range within 2-3 days - although it usually returns much earlier.
Returns to the SkyBlue and SkyBlueEx level range are well over 90% effective.


Renewal period
10 £

Grants access to levels:

  • History GBPUSD - SkyBlue 21 days
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